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French Skype courses

Do you want to learn and practise French but you must stay at home? Alpha.b Linguistic Institute in Nice offers you remote French courses that allow you to practise the 4 skills:

  1. Speaking
  2. Listening
  3. Reading
  4. Writing


How does a French Skype course take place?

A French Skype course has the same format as a classic individual course. It is a French class during which student and teacher are face to face. Communication can be written or oral, according to the wishes of each student.

The students will receive before their lessons some exercices (mp3, text, video, articles) that will meet their needs in order to maximise the One on One time with the teacher during the Skype lesson.

Must I have a good grasp of IT to do a French Skype course?

No, you don’t need to be good at IT- using Skype is very easy so you will be able to completely concentrate on practising your French.

How much does a French Skype course with alpha.b cost?

Alpha.b offers French Skype courses from 55€ for 45mins of lessons.

You can choose the duration of your sessions : 30 minutes, 45 minutes, 1 hour.

You can also choose the days you would like to have your Skype Lessons.

I have particular needs (French for business, French for medicine, preparing for an exam…), is that possible with a French Skype course?

Of course! Our teachers can respond to all your wishes for your French Skype course.

Our teachers give General French course, Specialized French, Exam Preparation courses (A Level, Abitur, DELF, DALF, Leaving Certificate, TCF…)

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Can we start now?

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French Language stayFor this summer

For all language stays between 7 June and 26 August, please contact us at beforehand to check the availability of the course and accommodation you wish to do.