• 15 lessons per week (12 hours), morning: 9.30-10.30 / 11-12.15, afternoon: cultural and leisure activities : 6 afternoons, 2 evenings, 1 Saturday, 1 goodbye lunch on the last Friday at 12h30
  • Duration: 2 weeks
  • Dates: 50+ courses take place on the 28/10 for 2019 and 11/05 – 24/08 and 26/10 for 2020
  • Levels accepted : A2 or above

This stay combines practising the French language with the discovery of different cultural aspects of the country. It is offered to “lovers” of France who, with the experience of age, would not be satisfied with a “standard” course that is often aimed at young university students.

The course

The lessons are themed around the cultural and leisure activity of the afternoon. They are developed around “playful” activities, debates, role play, news articles… from different medias, press and videos etc…

Emphasis is put on practising the language, communication and comprehension. The main aim is to help each student to reach the highest possible level of expression and communication in the French language.

All excursions take place by bus or train with a teacher or the activities leader from the school (there is no accompanying member of staff if the activity is on a Sunday).

Visits to towns or villages that take place on foot are only for short distances at a gentle pace and with a coffee break…

The classes and activities are exclusively for seniors except for the activity on Saturday which is open to all students.

All the activities are done in French by your activities leader.

Alpha.b has its own accommodation service and offers you the possibility of staying with a host-family (half-board or without meals), in a 2 or 4 star residence or in a hotel.

For 50+ participants, your accommodation is willingly selected near the school (less than 1km on foot).