The teaching at the alpha.b French school in Nice

The teachers at the alpha.b French school

All our teachers of French are university graduates. They speak several languages ​​and many of them have achieved a university diploma in a second field, giving them a wide range of skills.

Communicative approach

Only by working together, student and French teacher, can one successfully learn French. For us, learning French comes via the notions of:

Confidence – Open-mindedness – Communication.

Our classes are constructed according to the results of the written and oral French test that you sat during your first morning in our school. This French language test, as well as the teaching programme, is constructed in accordance with the levels of the European Framework for Languages.

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Our communicative methods allow an immediate and solid application of your knowledge of the French language:

  • Teamwork to write speeches, role play, debates in French, simulations, going around the table, recordings, real-life situations, videos, games…
  • A engaging approach to French grammar developed in le Livre de l’Etudiant (given on arrival) and regularly updated original documents (newspapers, stories, song lyrics, TV programmes, French radio, exercises…)

Our teachers (graduates and French native speakers) are:

  • responsible for the harmony and the dynamic of the group
  • Professionals with educational objectives
  • Able to motivate and encourage you

Use of communication technology in French (as a foreign language) lessons

The language institute alpha.b is following the evolution of technology for 25 years, to offer its students the best tools to learn the French language.

The infatuation for technologie must be used in a positive way, like a vector for the motivation of the teachers and the students. The way alpha.b is using these new technologies pursues this goal.

This is the reason why :

  • all of classrooms in our school have Wifi 
  • one entire classroom is equipped with Apple computers only for the us of our students
  • all of classrooms are equipped with a fix PC
  • we have 30 touchscreen tablets for our students
  • We have 5 HD video-projectors and the adequate audio material

All of this material is used for your desire to learn, to improve your French. It also becomes easier to record, to listen, to consult authentic documents, to find different documents and to share them.

Our Online French courses


To find our more about our teaching methods, you can watch our free French video courses on our YouTube Channel.

I immensely enjoyed studying at alpha.b and the two-weeks went by pretty fast.

An enormous percentage of my gratitude goes to my teacher, Sandrine, who is just awesome and amazing. A super experienced and fun teacher.

Alpha.b has really taken time to ensure that the students feel happy and that they experience the best of Nice.

I came to Nice with my University : Sorbonne Abu Dhabi.

It was an amazing experience that I will never forget. Everyone was so welcoming.

I don’t even want to go home 🙁

Classes with Priscilla went very well, I learnt a lot and it was very fun.

The classes are so well structured and we can feel that the teachers do their best every day so we can improve our French.

The school is very well organised. We can download an App on which you can find your teacher, your classroom and your timetable.

I’m very glad I chose Alpha.b for my 6 months in Nice.

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