Come and learn French as a family in Nice! You will follow one of our General French Courses, your child (9-15) will be in a Kids class (maximum of 6) with other children around their age and will follow an adapted French course.

Courses for young people and teenagers from 16 years of age.

Preparing for exams, standard and intensive courses, with a varied activities programme.

Sea, French & Sun!

The 30+ Course is aimed at adult students who would like to take part in an intensive French language programme with other people in their age group and with similar interest to them.

This stay combines practising French with the discovery of different cultural aspects of the country. It is aimed at ‘lovers’ of France who, with the experience of age, would not be satisfied with a Standard French Course.


Improve your use of the French language by developing your knowledge of French grammar, enriching your vocabulary, training your oral expression and by practising comprehension, pronunciation and written language. You can choose between a Continuous Course (20 lessons per week), an Intensive Course (28 lessons per week) or a Combined Course (20 lessons per week + individual lessons).

DELF, DALF, TCF, DFP, A level, Leaving Certificate, Abitur… Are you due to take exams? Our teachers will help you succeed.

This training is aimed at professional French teachers from all over the world. Its aim is to perfect and/or update their linguistic, cultural, social and economic knowledge of modern day France.

Come to Nice with your class and perfect your French! Do you teach French and wish to give your students the benefit of a language stay on the French Riviera? Are you a student and would like to come with your class to perfect your French?

Do you have very specific aims, for example for your profession? Do you wish to develop your skills regarding these aims? Our team of French teachers will meet each one of your expectations.

General information about our French courses in France

  • 1 lesson = 45minutes
  • There are 5-8 students in each class with a maximum of 10
  • Your level assessment test (written and oral) take place on the Monday morning of your arrival (lessons start properly on Tuesday).
  • There is also a presentation of the school and the team on Monday, as well as a free guided tour of the old town of Nice in the afternoon.
  • No lessons are given on bank holidays.



French certificate

At the end of your language stay, you will be given a certificate from the alpha.b French School which will state the level you followed. On the certificate there will also be an indication of the number of classes you attended, the duration of your stay, the type of course and the names of your teachers.

Level certificate

On your request, it is possible to receive a certificate of your individual level. This certificate is awarded following a test constructed according the DELF model, measuring each of the 4 skills (listening comprehension, speaking, reading comprehension and writing). The oral skills are assessed in class by the teacher during the final week of the course, whereas the reading and writing skills are assessed by an individual test taken under exam conditions. The written test is marked by one of our teachers authorised by the CIEP to be a member of the jury of the DELF and according to the grading system used during the examination of the DELF.

Note: this individual certificate is not a degree.


Do you still have question about our French courses in France ? Don’t hesitate to contact us via email or phone, or read our FAQ.


I loved the intensive course so much because I felt like I could use all the vocabulary and grammar that I already knew, and use it to talk about everyday things and very important topics.

We learned new vocabulary which helps also with things we would normally talk about everday.

The teacher was very patient with us, the students, which made a comfortable environnement to talk.

I stayed at alpha.b to do a Continuous French course for two weeks. The teachers, Boris and Anouk, were very kind, professional and helpful. The groups were small and there was the opportunity to talk and use what we had learned. The school offers many activities that can be done after class. It was a really fun experience! I would recommend everyone to study and discover the Côte d’Azur at alpha.b.

An enormous percentage of my gratitude goes to my teacher, Sandrine, who is just awesome and amazing. A super experienced and fun teacher.

I studied French for 10 months at alpha-b. My stay was great thanks to alpha-b. To begin with, all the teachers were friendly. There were many opportunities to speak in class and as I am weakest at speaking the classes were really effective for me. The teachers always paid attention to my pronunciation. In addition, I learned not only about grammar, but also about culture, customs, slang and Nice. All this has been so beneficial for me. Thank you so much !

I stayed at alpha.b for 2 weeks and my experience was really positive. When I first wanted to register, there was a lot of courses to choose from, depending on the duration and my needs. The teaching methods are very dynamic. In my opinion, it was important that there was a maximum of 10 students per class. The activities that the school offers are varied and for all ages. I would definitely go back.

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