Discover our Virtual Classes

alpha.b is a French school in Nice with the 3 most important national and international accreditations: Quality FLE, IALC and Eaquals, guaranteeing the quality of our courses.

We offer you to take our classes in the confort of your home to fully benefit from our online teaching.

We will use Zoom for our group classes and Skype for our individual classes.

All of our French courses are taught by the same qualified and passionate teachers as in Nice, using communicative methods to help you express yourself as quickly and as naturally as possible in French.

We offer different types of online courses.

virtual course

Virtual classes in a group

Duration: min. 1 week

Level: A2/B1 or B2/C1
Group classes: 2×2 hrs per week in a virtual class.
Timetable: Monday and Wednesday from 5pm to 7pm for A2/B1 level.
Tuesday and Thursday from 5pm to 7pm for B2/C1 level.
Individual study: Writing, written understanding, oral understanding, exercises using existing platforms like TV5 Monde…

How many students per class ?
5 to 10 students

How much does it cost ?

Price: 70 euros per week for 2 x 2h of virtual courses.

Certification :

alpha.b is one of the only schools to be able to offer you a period of 4 weeks of virtual classes with us, at the end of which you can take the Bright Certification FOR FREE which will attest to your ability level. More info here.

virtual course

Group course + individual course

For the students who participate to our 2x2h group course, you have the possibility to book before the course (from 4.20 pm to 4.50pm) or after the course (from 7.10pm to 7.40 pm) 1 private lesson of 30 minutes to work on something specific with your teacher.

How much does it cost ?

The price for 1 private lesson of 30 minutes (when you book the group course) will be 23€ instead of 37€ normally.

You can book as many private lessons as you want.

Schedule :

Once your booking is finalised, we will get in touch with you to give you the day and time of your private lesson and you will send us the information about the themes you want to work on.

online course

N°3 : Specific Needs ?

Are you looking for private online lessons ?

Do you need French for your business or your job ?

Do you need to take an exam like Bright Certification ?

Do you have the French CPF (Compte Professionnel de formation) and you have credit ?

Do you already have a small group in place and need a teacher ?

Please contact us to discuss your needs.

How will the virtual classes work?

The class will work just like in a real classroom: with a teacher, a whiteboard, exercises to do, documents to listen to or read and discussions in French.

How to choose a level?

We are offering two different ability levels:

  • A2/B1 Intermediate
  • B2/C1 Advanced

Before choosing, be aware that the teacher will work on all 4 skills: oral production, written production, oral comprehension, written comprehension; and also: grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.

Therefore, the level you choose will depend on your objectives and your strengths. If you are unsure, you can take a free ability test on our school website:

How do I join?

We recommend that you use a computer with a set of headphones (for example, ones you might use with your phone). You can also use a phone or a tablet, but it is not as convenient.

1. When your request is approved, you will receive a confirmation email.

2. Then, several minutes before the start of your first lesson, you will receive an invitation to join the virtual class.

3. The virtual class program will ask you to verify your microphone, headphones and webcam.

4. Then you will be a part of the class