French courses for teenagers on the French Riviera

Our French school offers language courses for young people.

With more than 15 types of French courses that are adapted to the needs of each age group, do not wait any longer and come and learn French on the French Riviera !

Classes in small groups

From 5 to 8 students, maximum 10.

Activities and sports

Every afternoon there are various activities: visits of nearby cities, sports activities, evenings out, games …

International classes

Meet new friends from around the world with students of 15 to 20 different nationalities.

Preparing for exams

Are you preparing for the A-Level, Abitur, the DELF or another exam? We have courses adpated to your needs.

Located in the town centre

2 minutes by tram to the biggest shopping centre in Nice and 10 minutes from the beaches.

Internal accommodation service

With a host family or a French host, or in student apartments, hotels or residences.

Fibre optic broadband and WIFI

There is free internet access in the building and computer room.

Quality control

The only school in Nice to have 3 quality labels: Label Qualité FLE, Eaquals et IALC.

Our prices

  • General French course
  • Continuous course
    (20 lessons per week = 15 hours)

    Intensive course
    (30 lessons per week = 22.5 hours)

    Combined course
    (20 lessons per week + private lessons)

  • From 225 per week
  • Preparing for exams
  • A Level Course (30 lessons per week = 22 and a half hours)

    Leaving Certificate course (26 lessons per week = 19.5 hours)

    DELF course (26 lessons per week = 19.5 hours)

    DALF course (35 lessons per week = 26.25 hours)

  • From 430 per week

Testimonials of our previous students

First of all I wanted to thank alpha.b, it is a very good French school in Nice, specially for the ones who want to learn French in a short time. I came about 5 weeks and I really liked it, everyone were kind.

My teachers were very good and I learned a lot.

Hopefully I will come back next year too.

Thank you all, everything was perfect.

Not only does alpha.b have a super team, good courses and engaging teachers, but also after-school activities such as visits to Nice and Monaco, as well as evenings out or crepe parties! It doesn’t matter if you can’t speak any French at all or if you want to improve you level, alpha.b will help you and ive you all the necessary tools for your learning!

When I came to Alpha.b for 7 weeks in July and August last summer, I discovered another way of learning French. The teachers’ passion for teaching was inspiring. I returned for 2 weeks in April to prepare for my exams. Will I return again? Of course!


Why should I choose alpha.b?

Alpha.b is one of the best language schools in France and is the only school in Nice to have received the 3 most important national and international accreditations of quality.

Alpha.b was set-up in 1993 and remains a private and independent family school to this day, with the same administrative and teaching team that it has had over the last few years.

Alpha.b is located in the very heart of the town in a Belle Époque villa that has air-conditioning and a private garden.

Where can I stay?

If you are under the age of 14, you must come with your parents. You can choose any of the types of accommodation that we offer.

For young students travelling alone (under the age of 18), you will stay with one of our host families. You can choose to stay in a single room or to share with another student of similar age (maximum 3 years difference) but of different nationality.

Breakfast and diner in the host family are included.

For underage student, a free laundry per week is included for 2 weeks stays.

Your host family will come and pick you up at the airport (or train station) at arrival. The transfer for departure is not included but you can book a taxi with us.

All our host families are selected regarding the European Norm EN14804. They are used to welcome minor students and they all have a clean record.

If you are over the age of 18, you can stay with a host family (half -board or without meals), in one of our students residence.

When can I start my course?

The continuous and intensive courses start every Monday.

The A-Level revision course takes place in July and August

You can take part in a A Level course for 1 or 2 weeks.

The Leaving Certificate course will take place from the end of May until the end of August.

What will my timetable by like?

All courses run from 8.45am to 12pm or from 3.30pm to 6.45pm.

If you choose the Family course, your lessons will take place from 8.45am to 12pm.

If you choose the Intensive or Bac course, you will have extra lessons 3 afternoons a week from 13:15 to 15:15.

If you choose the Leaving Certificate, DELF or DALF preparation or combined courses, you will have 2 or 3 afternoons of lessons spread over the week.

Where can I get lunch ?

Lunch is not included in your accommodation formula (half-board).

You can buy lunch near the school, we have discount with bakeries and restaurants nearby with your student ID.

On your first day, your teacher will explain to you where the closest bakeries and restaurants are.

You can have lunch inside the school, in room 7 or in the private garden.

Which documents will I receive before my arrival in Nice ?

Before your arrival, you will receive all the necessary information about your stay in our Student Handbook.

You will also receive your login for our Mobile App alpha.b

Parents can check their children’s schedule, host family’s information and the activities on the App.

If a minor student is late or missing, the school will immediately inform the parents.

What can I do after lessons?

Our activities reps offer you numerous activities outside of lessons or in the evenings: must-do visits to towns (Nice, Cannes, Monaco…), water sports, crepe party, beach volleyball, bowling and many more…

Every minor student can enroll and take part in the afterschool activities offered by alpha.b but they are not mandatory.

For watersports (diving, swimming, watersports), the parents must fill in the Discharge of Responsability form.

The ratio is 1 leader for 12 minors.

The group leaders have the list of the students + their phone number as well as the list of the activities authorised or forbidden by the parents of the minor student.

What should I do if I have a problem ?

In case of a problem or an issue during your stay, don’t hesitate to talk to the administration team (the team is multilingual and you will always find someone who speaks your mothertongue).

You can also speak to your teacher, your host family or the activities leader.

We will everything possible to solve your problem as quickly as possible, whether it’s an issue with the course, the accommodation or anything else.

On the first Wednesday after your arrival, you will have to fill in a questionnaire to make sure your first days are fine.

Would you like to book your stay?