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Questions regarding your French Course

When do I have to book my French course in Nice at the latest?
- If you don't need accommodation, you can still enroll one week before the beginning of your chosen french course. Nevertheless, you should know that during high season and also for some courses, places are limited. To avoid any problem, we recommend booking your course 4 weeks before course start.
- If in addition to your course you want to book your accommodation through Alpha.b, we highly recommend sending your booking as soon as possible. For certain accommodation types, there might be no availability even 3 or 4 weeks prior to your course start.

How and at what time do I have to come to my French language school on the first morning?
Your first morning is set aside for the placement test which starts at 9 am.
You will have been told in your information pack how to go to the school. However, don't hesitate to ask your host family or residence for any further information. In any case, you should know that the school can be easily reached by bus, tramway or by foot.

Once arrived at school, is it possible to change my French course?
If you have booked and started a Continuous French Course (20 lessons per week) you can change in to an Intensive Course (30 lessons per week) or to a Combination Course (20+5 or 20+10 lessons per week). However, it does depend on availability and you will have to pay the difference of the course price.

Can I change the level of my class?
Yes, it is possible to change the level of your class, if you think that you have been placed in a class that does not correspond to your level, do not hesitate to speak to your teacher, the head of studies, or the director of the school, Pascal. He himself taught French as a foreign language for ten years.

Is there any refund if I want to leave before the end of my course?
Please understand that space is booked for the whole time you have stated in your booking. Therefore a program already started has to be paid in full.

What do I have to bring to school?
Paper and a pen! A dictionary can also be helpful. All other documents are delivered by your French language school: French grammar book, exercises, copies, newspapers, etc.
*(Alpha.b pays a Copyright to C.F.C – Centre Français d’Exploitation du Droit de Copie)
You can also bring your laptop and use the free WIFI connection.

Is there any study work outside tuition?
Usually your French teachers give some homework to do. On request, they can supply additional exercises.