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When do I have to book my accommodation in Nice?
We highly recommend doing your booking as soon as possible. During certain periods availability for certain accommodation types is very limited.

How will I get to my accommodation? Is there a pick-up included?
The geographical situation makes transportation in Nice very easy. In case of the host family accommodation, your family is offering free of charge pick-up on arrival (but no pick-up between. 22.00 and 8.00). For other accommodation types you have the following possibilities: When arriving at the airport a taxi will take you in 20 minutes to your accommodation for the cost of 35 to 40 €. The Airport bus, line 98 and 99 is less expensive (6 €) and you will reach the town center in about 35 minutes. When arriving at the train station you are already in the town center and can go to your accommodation by taxi (15 €) , bus or tramway (1.50 €) in less than 10 minutes. You will receive detailed information about local transport with your confirmation package. Regardless the accommodation type we will need your arrival details (arrival time and place, flight or train no.) at least 3 days before your arrival date in Nice in order to arrange a transfer or your reception in the accommodation.

If you wish to make a taxi reservation, you can call the “Taxi Riviera” company (Tel.: +33 4 93 13 78 78) or contact us directly at the institute.

Does my French host family provide for lunch?
No. Host family accommodation is on half board basis. Also access to the kitchen is not provided. But hot and cold drinks are available at school and there is the possibility of having lunch in one of the snack bars or small restaurants near the school for 5 to 15 €.

Does my French host family take breakfast with me?
It actually depends if your host family has to leave early for work, has children to bring to school, etc. In the evening, the host family and the students enjoy dinner together.

How does a typical French host family look like?
It becomes more and more difficult to find the nuclear host family (father, mother and children). A big number of our host families are single living people or divorced women with children.

May I invite friends or my parents to stay with my host family?
This is something which has to be decided by your host family or your French host. Some accept easily, others don’t. They might also ask you an extra charge. In any case you should discuss the matter with her or him.

Can I change my host family or French host?
Your accommodation in Nice is booked for the total length of your stay and you should understand that any changing needs careful consideration and justification. Don’t hesitate to talk to our housing coordinator about it.

Is there any refund if I’m going to leave my accommodation before the end of my stay?
Your accommodation is booked for the total length of you stay as indicated in your application form. No refund can be made in case of anticipated departure.

Use of phone?
You should know that high number of host families only have mobile phones. So there is not necessarily a phone where parents and friends can reach you.

Does my host family do my laundry?
Laundry isn’t provided in the general conditions we sign with our host families. Nevertheless, a lot of families will do it free of charge or by asking a little money. However, there are laundries in every district of the city.

Who does the housework?
When staying half-board with a host family in Nice, you must tidy up your room every day so that the host can have access to it and keep things clean. Bear in mind that a little helping hand is always appreciated. When staying in self-catering accommodation with a French host, it is your responsibility to clean your room and the communal areas which you use (kitchen and bathroom). Products and materials are provided for you by your host.