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5 Netflix series filmed in France

Are you a fan of series and want to use your Netflix subscription to improve your French?

In this article we will talk about 5 series that are filmed in France and that you can watch in French.

We start with the most famous American series in Paris:

1. Emily in Paris

We had already done an article on this series here but since then 2 new seasons are available including season 3 which has just been released!

Sypnosis: Emily, a twenty-something American from the Midwest, moves to Paris after receiving a job offer in marketing. Her new challenge is to bring an American perspective to a struggling French agency.

Season 1 was very Paris and Champagne focused but in season 2, Emily took us to the French Riviera and even had lunch on a famous beach in St Jean Cap Ferrat: Paloma Beach (even though they made it look like she was in St Tropez: we know the truth ;-))

And if you wish to come to the French Riviera to study French this summer, click here to book your stay. 


But what we like best about Emily is her French of course 😉

2. Marianne

A big change of style for the second French series to watch in 2023: it is the horror series Marianne.

This series is not new but it is really a must-see if you want to have thrills in French!

The actors are exceptional and play to perfection.

The series was filmed in Brittany, an opportunity to discover this beautiful region of France.

Synopsis: Emma, an acerbic young novelist, discovers that the monstrous characters she has created in her series of horrific novels are actually coming to life. The malevolent spirit named Marianne drives her back to her hometown to confront the demons of the past that drove her to write.

Unfortunately this series has not been renewed and there are only 8 episodes.

We let you discover the trailer:

3. Disparu à jamais

Everyone knows Harlan Coben, the master of suspense and best-selling novels! Many series inspired by his books have been filmed in recent years, one of which was filmed in Nice!

It is the series « Disappeared forever » which keeps us in suspense until the end!

Synopsis: One night, Guillaume hears a bang. On his way out, he runs into his brother Fred who is running away from a man with a gun, and then discovers the lifeless body of his neighbour Sonia with whom he had been dating. Ten years later, he is in a relationship with Judith and buries his mother who died of cancer.


4. Lupin

The main actor in this series is Omar Sy, the hero of the film « Intouchables », which all French students have seen at least five times in their lives 😉

It takes place in the heart of Paris and is inspired by another hero: Arsène Lupin.

Synopsis: 25 years ago, the life of young Assane Diop is turned upside down when his father dies after being accused of a crime he did not commit. Today, Assane is inspired by his hero, Arsène Lupin – Gentleman Burglar, to avenge him…

A third season is coming in 2023! A chance to catch up on the other 2 if you haven’t seen them yet 😉


5. Révolution

A beautiful series with incredible aesthetics that tells an alternative version of the French Revolutionary period.

Synopsis: In a rewriting of history, a mysterious disease strikes 18th century France, triggering a brutal clash between aristocrats and rebels.

You only have to see the introductory scene of this series to understand how much attention has been put into the graphics and the precision of the image.

And this sentence of Napoleon: « History is a series of lies on which we agree ».

Unfortunately this series has not been renewed and there will be no season 2.

Have you seen any of these series? If so, which one? Did you like it?

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