My stay with alpha.b French school – Michael, 28, Australia

Alpha.b is a French school in Nice. We are the only school with 3 national and international labels.

We are open year-round and you can start your new class every Monday to learn French or improve your knowledge of the French language.

My stay with alpha.b

After 3 months in alpha.b French school in Nice, Michael shares with you his experience with us.

He arrived at alpha.b in June, in a beginner’s class and he now leaves with a B1+ Level !

Congrats Micheal ! It has been a pleasure to count you as one of our students.

stay with alpha.b

I have really enjoyed the quality of the classes. The teaching has been to a very high standard.

My accommodation has been great. I’ve stayed in a fantastic house with a lovely host mum and amazing food every day.

Also, a special mention to the staff in the office. Every time I have had even the smallest issue, their professionalism has been amazing. They are kind and very helpful.

All in all, I couldn’t have chosen a better school in a better city with better people.

Everything has been perfect !

Michael, 28, Australia


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