Welcome Emilie – New intern at alpha.b

Nice to meet you, my name is Emilie Borremans student business support – administration student and I’m the new intern at Alpha-b.

Like a proud Belgian I traveled down to the French Riviera. Probably hard to believe, but no, it wasn’t only for the crispy baguettes and the tasty wines who seduced me to leave the waffles and the beer behind in Belgium.

My comeback to Nice is to « level-up » my alpha-b experience. Like many of you don’t know my very first steps in Alpha-b were in the summer of 2016. The very first year when I came to Nice to enjoy the palm trees and the azure-blue beaches, most of all to learn french ! As 17-year old, with no clue of the language I started an intensive course who was supposed to last for 4 weeks, ended up into a 2 month stay with a host family in Nice. And then I came back, the next summer, and again, and again, and again…

I can proudly say that I’ve come a long way in my process of learning French. From all the way to the bottom where I had to call my mum because I had no idea how to ask a glass of water on the first day in my host family. To now being able to write my own cover letter, CV, job interviews, and find my own way in the beautiful Nice. This process, of learning French was anything but boring, indestructible, difficult, impossible. For the first time I discovered that learning a language is not about learning as many words by heart, knowing all the irregular verbs. Learning French here in Alpha b was easy and fun

Other than being a passionate language student, I love doing sports. I love the healthy and satisfying feeling after a workout. Well luckily of course because back in Belgium I work next to my studies as a professional dancer. Where I had the last couple of years great experiences like dancing for Tomorrowland, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, We Can Dance Festival, Belguims Got Talent, World Chocolate awards in Paris etc… But for the moment I am putting my studies on the first place.

Doing an internship here is for me is an acknowledgefor all the french skills I learned here in the past three years at alpha-b. I had the most wonderful, educational and well-organized time in this school. With thanks to the amazing team behind all this. For me it’s an honor to be part of this company and give new students, potential students a helping hand a welcome as warm as the one I had during my unique experience at Alpha.b.

From now on I’ll be welcoming you at alpha b secretaries office and doing my best to make your stay as fantastic as mine, and if you don’t find me behind the desk, I’m guiding and enjoying the activities with Pacôme and hopefully with you as well J




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