wolves on the french riviera

Meet the wolves on the French Riviera

If you are on holiday on the French Riviera, or in Nice to study French at alpha.b French school, you must make a detour at Alpha parc the “parc des loups” or also known as the park of the wolves to discover this beautiful Wolves.

parc des loups

You can reach Alpha Park by car, train or bus and for an afternoon you can walk in the park looking for wolves.
You will be able to watch the feeding of the wolves, which allows you to see the pack up close.
parc des loups

There are 3 packs in the park, the largest is the Boréon pack, it is composed of 10 black wolves because it is a breed coming from Canada.

The Erps pack is the smallest, with only 4 wolves in the fauve colors.

And the last pack is the Pelago pack composed of 8 wolves.

If you are lucky you will see them lounging in the sun.

During your visit, you can also watch 3 small films with testimonials about wolves and their role in our region.

parc des loups


parc des loups

It is a good way to practice your french with natives and talk to the healers in french.

Indeed, for the farmers, the wolves are very badly accepted in our forests, accused of killing their cattle. The wolf very often had a negative image among the French population, especially because of our legends. Do you know the famous beast of Gévaudan? It is a French story that tells a series of attacks that took place between 1764 and 1767 and that would be attributed to an animal resembling the wolf. There is also the little red chaperon that depicts the wolf in a negative way.

parc des loups

Unfortunately, every year, many wolves are killed in France and this park of wolves provides protection to these 3 packs by feeding them and allowing them to live in a huge protected park.

The healers are very present and can answer all your questions about the wolves, their stories, the different packs. And you can also become a healer of a day if you want to feed the wolves and be in contact with them!

If you come with your family and your kids, it would be a wonderful experience for them. And we can also offer family courses at alpha.b French school to improve your french.

For more information, Check out the website of the park.

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