An « au revoir » from our intern Emilie

6 months ago I left from Belguim to Nice, ready for a new adventure : an admin internship at alpha.b in function of my Business administration studies.

In less than a week this all comes to an end. With positive thoughts I reflect on my internship in the sunny Nice.

Alpha.b Institut Linguistique

Alpha.b is a language school located in Nice, South of France.

In between palm trees and the azur blue sea, the students benefit to learn and practice their French in a varied way.

If they wish they can complete their French experience by staying with a host family.

Everyone with the age between 15 and 150 years, from starter to advanced is welcome in Alpha.b for a customized program.

This we do by proposing different kind of programs along the goal and desires of the student. (basic French, intensive French, exam preparation, private lessons).

Once they’ve chosen their program they will be dispatched into different levels along their test results.

My experience as an intern

My missions were very differing.

Taking care of the reception, to translating during a doctors appointment and helping Pacôme with the organization of the activities.

My days usually started at 8:30 or 10:00 and finished at 16:00 or 17:30.

The days flew by since there was always a lot to do.

On Mondays for example we present the activities in class with Pacôme, Friday we evaluate the questionnaries, assisting during excursions and many more.

One of the things that was for me the most satisfying was helping and welcoming of the students.

For me it was very important to do this the same charming way as they did when I was a student.

In the department social media it was very nice that I’ve got a lot of responsibility.

Together with Emeline we organized a plan and we reach the goal the double the amount of followers on Instagram.

This was a nice way to finish my internship.

The harmony of the Alpha.b admin team

Working in the team of Alpha.b was probably one of the highlights of my internship.

I’ve never seen such a coherent, well functioning team as I did here.

internship nice

The admin team keeps theirs head in the same direction but at the same time we kept it light.

I could ask anything to this team and learning always came first.

I will definitely miss this harmonic team and hope in my further career to work in a team as nice as here.

Language barrier

The biggest challenge during my intership was definitely the language.

My level was not bad before I came here.

But of course I could improve still many things. In the beginning I didn’t manage yet the right vocab to work totally independent in the office.

But this was absolutely no problem for my collegues and they were always happy to help me.

You often don’t notice your improvement when you practice a language daily, but now looking back to the progress that I’ve made.

I can say that I should be proud. Of course I have to thank this to the sweet help of the entire team.


Long story short

Until the day of today I am very satisfied with the choice I made 6 months ago.

I finish my last week here, with a mountain of experience, an enorm progress in speaking French, and also a small tear to leave this team behind.

Institut Alpha.b is a unique language school with a qualitatively team and education, everyone who is thinking about doing an internship or language course here, I encourage you all !

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