choose my french course

How to choose my French course ?

If you are looking for a French course in France, you must be wondering : how can I find the perfect French course for me ?

Let us help you !

We are a French school in Nice, founded in 1993 and we have taught more than 25 000 students over the past 25 years.

choose my french course

To help you choose your French course we will need you to answer a few questions :

What are your learning goals ?

We all have different agendas regarding our motivation to study French.

Let’s take some examples.

monaco french school

  • If you are a student, in your high school’s years, most likely you will want to study for your exams.
    Correct ?
    In that case, we would strongly advise you to choose a « Exam Preparation » Course. We offer them in April and during the summer. You can choose the duration of your course : 1, 2 weeks and even longer.

french school

  • If you are in college and plan on doing a year abroad, in a French University for example you might need to take the DELF Exam level B2 before being accepted. In that case, we encourage you to choose our Delf Preparation Course. It lasts 4 weeks and at the end, you will take the exam near Nice and have the result pretty quickly. At alpha.b French school we have a very high success rate of 95%.

corso bambino

  • You have children under 15 and you would like to come in Nice and study French with them. In July and August, you can join our Family Course.

continuous french course

  • If you are an adult, you might not want to be in a classroom with young students. You would prefer to share commun interests with your classmates. From the end of May until the beginning of September, we offer a 30+ course for adults students. You can choose an intensive or only-mornings course.

course for senior

  • If you are a senior and you are deeply interested in French culture and French language, we offer a 50+ course 3 times a year where you will be able to mix both goals.

What kind of teaching method do you want ?

At alpha.b we have a communicative approach which allows an immediate and solid application of your knowledge of the French language:

  • Teamwork to write speeches, role play, debates in French, simulations, going around the table, recordings, real-life situations, videos, games…
  • A engaging approach to French grammar developed in le Livre de l’Etudiant (given on arrival) and regularly updated original documents (newspapers, stories, song lyrics, TV programmes, French radio, exercises…)

If you want to see if it’s the perfect French course for you, please watch one of our video course on our Youtube Channel :

When do you plan on learning French ?


Alpha.b French school is open all year round so you can feel free to come at any time you wish.

first day of school

But some months of the year have their own specificities.

  • February : The perfect month to come if you wish to see the Carnaval de Nice and « La Fête des Citrons » in Menton. It’s a great time to come to Nice and discover a different side of the city, during low season.
  • April : Join our A-Level Preparation course for 1 week or enjoy your Easter Break to study French.
  • May : You can join our 50+ 2 weeks program to discover Nice and learn French culture at the same time.
  • June : Looking for a Leaving Certificate preparation Course ? Each year we welcome many Irish students for 2,3 or even 4 weeks.
  • Summer Time : Enjoy summer in Nice, long evening on the beach, visit of cities nearby while improving your French and making friends from all over the world. All our courses are available : General courses, Family course, French for teachers, A-Level, 30+, 50+ …
  • September & October : Enjoy Fall time with our general and 50+ French courses.

Have you found your perfect French course yet ?? Get a free quotation right now !

If not, don’t hesitate to contact our administration team who will gladly help and advise you !

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