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Free French lessons : Dictée en français

Free French Lessons: Dictation

This week we are offering you a new free French lesson, led by our Director of Studies and teacher at our French school in Nice: Priscilla.

You will regularly find free French video-lessons on our YouTube channel to help you progress with learning French.

In this video, we are again featuring phonetics and we have chosen the format of a dictation to make you work on 3 aspects of French:

the imperfect (tense): how to form it, how to conjugate regular and irregular verbs

– the vocabulary of cars: describing a car will no longer be a mystery to you!

– phonetics (the sound ‘é’): how to correctly pronounce the sound ‘é’

To do the dictation, click pause and listen as many times as you wish.

Once you are happy with your finished dictation, I would advise that you re-read it once or twice and try to correct the errors yourself.

Now, you can download the PDF document of the correct version here.

And after, you could re-listen to the video with the correction in order to understand your errors.

Also don’t hesitate to leave us a comment under this article if you have questions to ask us.

At also tell us what type of videos you would be interested in afterwards!

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2 réponses
  1. Steven
    Steven dit :

    Bonjour Priscilla et Alpha.b! J’aime bien ces leçons, je viens de les découvrir. J’ai suivi deux fois le cours 50+, et je suis suis très content de vous rencontrer encore en ligne. Steven (Belfast)


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