first day of school

We all know that the first day of any new school or job can be daunting, however, shortly after arriving at alpha.b the few apprehensive feelings that I did have quickly vanished.

 first day of school   

Situated on a quaint street not far from the main shopping promenade (Jean Médecin), alpha.b is easy to find and if the welcome boards in the courtyard are not instantly clear, the very friendly staff are accommodating and more than happy to assist you.

In order to tailor the best experience for you, on your first day you will have to complete a placement test deciding which class you will be in during your time at alpha.b. Made up of a 3 parts – oral, writing and grammar, it’s a quick and effective way of finding the right class for you.

After the test, in the afternoon, we were rewarded with a visit of beautiful Nice!

Pacôme showed us some of the city’s highlights which confirmed that I had made the right decision when choosing alpha.b: improving my French in the setting of such a vibrant city, what more could you want?!

first day of school

Some of my personal favourites were the “Place Massena”, the “Palais de Justice” and “Cours Saleya” a dynamic area with markets during the day and lots of restaurants and bars by night.

But being English, I was particularly excited by the “Promenade des Anglais” an avenue that stretches 7km along the coast and was named after the 19th century English aristocrats who came to Nice during the winter months in search of better weather and fresh sea air.

first day of school

first day of school

However in order to get the ultimate panoramic view of Nice, don’t miss the “Colline du Château”. Although originally built to protect the residents against barbaric invasions after the fall of the Roman Empire, it is now the perfect vantage point to appreciate the coastline and port while wandering through the picturesque hill-top gardens.

first day of school

My day finished with the weekly ‘Welcome Party’ at a bar in the centre of Vieux Nice, the perfect opportunity to see just how vibrant Nice is at night and where I met some of my future classmates, instantly putting me at ease.

If you also want to book a course at alpha.b you can find all the information here !

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