Eating crepes at alpha.b for Candlemas

You already know how much food is important in France. And when you study French in a language school like alpha.b, cooking can also be a teaching tool !

At least, that is how we like to teach French to our students. Eating crepes is the best way to learn French 🙂
eating crepes


This week, we are welcoming a school group from Switzerland, they are staying for 2 weeks in Nice to study French and prepare for the Matura with our qualified French teachers.

They are following an intensive course, 20 lessons every morning of general French and 10 lessons in the afternoon with special focus on their exam. In alpha.b we welcome lots of school groups from all over the world, so if you are interested in coming with your class in France, don’t hesitate to contact us !

As you know, on Thursday 2sd of February, in France we celebrate « La Chandeleur » aka Candlemas. If you want to know more about this celebration, check out our latest article : Comment fêter la Chandeleur en France ?

After school yesterday, we organised a little « Crêpes party » with a group of students.

First of all, we talked about this celebration, which does not exist in Switzerland, and then we learned some French vocabulary for cooking.

With the recipe, we made 2 groups to prepare the « pâte à crêpes » ! It’s time for a little competition ! Who will make the best crepes ??

eating crepeseating crepes








All you need is flour, eggs, milk and sugar.

Then it’s time to cook the crêpes !

You can choose between making big crêpes « Bretonne style », it’s not the easiest way but once you have « le coup de main » it’s a piece of cake 😉

eating crepes

Or you can go the easy way and make small crêpes like pancakes.

eating crepes eating crepes

And then, it’s time to eat the crepes ! It’s a very good and friendly time. You can add some sugar, jam, chocolate etc … Choose your favorite taste 🙂

eating crepe

Bon appétit !!

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