Discover Villefranche-sur-Mer – Our TOP 10 things to do !

Are you holidaying on the French Riviera, whether to study French or just to enjoy the sun, and would like to visit a lovely nearby village?

Why not discover Villefranche-sur-mer?


Out of all the activities and excursions we offer our foreign language students, Villefranche is recurrently popular. Only 5 minutes by train from Nice, it is a charming seventeenth century fishing village. You will be enamoured with Villefranche’s vibrant colours, vaulted medieval passageways, citadel, and St. Peter’s chapel decorated by Jean Cocteau – all sloping down to the authentic and unforgettable harbor of Villefranche.

Here are some of our Villefranche favourites…


• Stroll through Villefranche’s old town and fall in love with the colourful, ancient houses

• Enter the « Rue Obscure », the village’s old rampart which is now covered with houses

• Visit the baroque St Michel church

• Visit the St. Peter’s Chapel, entirely renovated by the artist Jean Cocteau

• Explore the Citadel and its museums: Volti, Goetz-Boumeester and Roux

• Swim or snorkel in Villefranche bay.


• Watch the fishermen return from fishing and eat freshly caught fish in one of the harbour’s restaurants

• Take a boat and go dolphin and whale watching.

So don’t hold back, go and visit this stunning village!

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