Looking for a A-Level Preparation course in France ?

You are a A-Level student getting ready for your final exam this year ?

And you might be a little bit worried about your written or oral test.

Every year, alpha.b French school in Nice offers the possibility to our students to prepare for this exam twice a year.

It is an intensive course for 1 or 2 weeks, with afternoon lessons focused on the exam preparation.

a level course

In 2020 you can choose  :

– Summer session : from 20 of July until 21 of August 2020.

The Summer session would be the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in a French environnement just before your final weeks of school and your exam.

How can I join the A-level preparation course at alpha.b ?

If you have studied French at school for (at least) 4 years,  you are eligible. Here is a brief overview of the A-Level course…

  • Duration: 1 or 2 weeks
  • Total 30 lessons per week which equates to 22h30 hours of teaching

Morning Programme:

  • 20 lessons per week which equates to 15 hours of teaching
  • the lessons are from 9:00-10:40 and 11:00-12:20 (20-minute break) Monday-Friday

Afternoon Programme:

  • 10 lessons per week which equates to 7h30 hours of teaching
  • lessons are 13:15-15:45, 3 afternoons per week (usually, Tuesday-Thursday)

Who is teaching this course ?

Alpha.b has been teaching the A-Level preparation course for many years now and our teachers are specialized in this course.

All our teachers of French are university graduates. They speak several languages ​​and many of them have achieved a university diploma in a second field, giving them a wide range of skills.

Rebecca, a former intern, was part of a course during the afternoon and here is her testimonials :

I spent an afternoon lesson with a group of students preparing for their A-Level exams. This particular lesson was led by Sandrine, who was engaging, encouraging and energetic, and focused on the use of opinion phrases. Expressing your opinion is an essential skill for French A-Level in order to prove to the examiner that you are able to eloquently express your personal views. As you may already know, depending on the opinion phrase used, it is sometimes necessary to use the subjunctive mood instead of the indicative and so, there was also a discussion around this fundamental area of grammar.

One of the students in the class had already mastered this topic and was alternatively set a challenging reading comprehension exercise to do. The differentiation within the class ensured that each individual was properly stimulated, and it was great to see a variety of skills, necessary to master the language, (i.e. reading/listening/writing/speaking) within the same classroom.

Enjoy the immersion with a French family.

If you come to Nice to prepare for your final exam, you have to possibility to live with a host family.

This summer we only offer single room, half-board for the students.

Our host families are carefully selected and according to the Charte de Qualité by Label Qualité FLE, Eaquals and IALC.

student house nice

Our host families live at maximum 30 min from school but usually 10-15 minutes.

They all have a lot of experience with foreign students and welcome them all year long.

If you have a special diet (vegetarian, vegan, gluten free) it is not a problem easier as discussed in this article.

How much will it cost?

For more information about prices, visit our website: https://www.alpha-b.fr/en/prices/

Visit our website for more information on our A-Level Course: https://www.alpha-b.fr/en/preparing-for-french-exams-to-finish/

On our website, you will also be able to send an email to our office, should you have any more enquiries.

2 réponses
  1. Elke Bués
    Elke Bués dit :

    Haben Sie auch Kurse für Anfänger in den Sommermonaten? Auch gern Einzelkurs
    Wenn ja, was wäre der Preis?
    Herzlichen Dank für Ihre Nachricht mit freundlichen Grüssen
    Elke Bués

    • AlphaB
      AlphaB dit :

      Guten Tag Frau Bués

      Ich danke Ihnen für die Interesse an unserer Sprachschule in Nizza.

      Ja im Sommer haben wir Kurse für Anfänger. Die Kurse starten an folgenden Daten: 25.05.2020 / 06.07.2020 / 03.08.2020. Um Ihnen einen genauen Kostenvoranschlag unterbreiten zu können bräuchten wir noch die Angaben zur Dauer Ihres Aufenthaltes.

      Auch bieten wir Einzelunterricht an, welcher am Nachmittag stattfindet. Dieser Kostet 55 Euro pro Lektion.

      Falls sie weitere Fragen haben, dann zögern Sie nicht uns zu kontaktieren.


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