Internship in France- Welcome to Natasha

My name is Natasha and I study languages at the University of Exeter in England. I study French, Italian and beginners German and I finished the second year of university in June. Next year is my year abroad and I am going to study at the University of Ferrara in Italy for the whole year.

I chose to do work experience at l’Institut Linguistique Alpha.b firstly to improve my French before spending a whole year in Italy where I will be speaking Italian, but also because I did a language course at Alpha.b when I was in college and I enjoyed it so much that I wanted to return. Over the next month I will be part of the Alpha.b office helping with general administration, but I will also have the opportunity to do some translations which I am very interested in! I am also excited to explore Nice and the Riviera to increase my understanding of French culture and food.
After having done my year abroad, I will return to Exeter to complete the final year of university and after that, I would like to do a Masters in translation and interpreting at the University of Bath. I hope to use my languages in the world of work in the future, therefore I need to do a masters.

Outside of my studies, I am the Musical director of one of Exeter’s a cappella choirs so I teach rehearsals and write pieces of music for the choir to sing. I also like to do sport, particularly Zumba and I like to swim. Next year there will be the opportunity to write articles for the university newspaper about my year abroad; I think that that will be a useful exercise for me, firstly to reflect on my experiences abroad, but also so that I can say that I wrote articles for my university on my CV.

Whatever may come my way during this month in Nice and next year, I have every intention of making the most of it all!

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