My stay at alpha.b in Nice

Today we would like to share with you the testimonials of Natalie, she comes from Spain and she came to our school for 3 week to learn French and of Abigail, who came from England for 2 weeks.

They will talk about their experience with alpha.b from the first contact they had with us until the end of their stay.


The administration staff was really helpful. The day I booked the course, the school sent me immediatly all the information about alpha.b, the payments, information of the host family etc…

Alpha.b is a really nice French school. The first day they showed me the class where the presentation was going to take place. The classrooms are big so you have space to be confortable.

The garden is Nice to have your lunch or to have some fresh air during the break.

The courses are entertaining. What I liked the most is that the teachers does many activities for the students to speak in class.

About the activities I think they should make more different activities but the people that organise the activities are very nice, they will speak to you all the time in French and answer all the questions you have.

I stayed with a host family : Corinne and her family. It was a very good experience, it was a really nice family, they helped me always when I needed , I had the opportunity to improve a lot my French and learn about their culture.

Corinne is a very good hostess, and a good chef. The appartment is big, quiet and very close to school, just 10 minutes walking. Staying there gave me the possibility to meet other students.

massena nice


I received a lot of information before I came through my agency which explained how to get to school and how the day would be structured.

The school was welcoming and a nice place to learn in. I liked the sturcture and size of the classrooms as they were a nice size to work in.

On the first day everyone was welcoming and helpful in letting us know where to go and what to do.

I really enjoyed the lessons and felt that I learnt lots throughout my stay. I liked how they were conducted entirely in French as it helped improve my skills. The size of the class was ideal (8) as not too small or big. Jean Philippe was very helpful with any questions I had and made the lessons very interesting.

I did not take part in many activities as I took part in a work experience in the afternoon.

I really enjoyed staying with my family : Laurence and Bernard, they were really welcoming and helpful. The appartment was clean and big and we were able to watch TV in the evenings.


If you also wish to come and study French at alpha.b, please find all the information on our website

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