French course and Covid19

As a French student, you might be interested in traveling to Nice this summer or fall and join a class at alpha.b French school.

But you might be concerned by the Covid 19 situation and you would like to know what alpha.b implemented to welcome you in the best condition possible.

The school :

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Social distancing will be respected inside the school as well as in the school gardens.

Students will be asked to wear a face mask in all common areas of the school. Important : Students have to bring their own mask.

Hydroalcoholic gel dispensers will be available at the school entrance, in all common areas and in the classrooms.

Our vending machine will be condemned, please bring your own bottle, snacks or thermos.

Classrooms and bathrooms will be disinfected twice a day.

A school supervisor on site has undergone a special «Covid19» training to ensure everyone’s health security.

Course programme :

In order to respect all regulations, we offer the following courses for now:

Classes and schedule :

Depending on classroom size, classes will count between 5 and 10 students.

As we will respect the social distancing during the classes, the teacher and the students won’t have to wear a mask at this stage.

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Course and break hours will be deferred to assure a minimum number of people at one time in common areas.

Morning classes will start between 8.30 and 9.30 and be dispatched between our 2 buildings (le Centre and le Forum). They will end between 11.40 and 12.40.
Break time will be reduced to 10 minutes for the morning courses.

Afternoon classes (intensive or private) will start at 13.30, 13.45, 14.00, 14.15 or 14.30. No break time. You will be informed on your App mobile of your schedule 1 day ahead.

We will not provide any pen and paper, nor tablettes or laptop. Please bring your own.

Activity programme :

We will offer a reduced activity programme.

We will offer a large list of activity ideas to do individually or in small groups.

Accommodation in Nice :

Hotels and residences will have to follow a guideline given by French authorities which differentiate from the regulations we have to put in place in our school. alpha.b is not responsible for the good practice of these guidelines.

For host family accommodation, alpha.b set up a protocol the families agreed to respect : – limited number of students in the host family
– no double room accommodation besides for couples or students travelling together
– social distancing and hygiene rules during the shared meals

– regular cleaning of commun areas
We have to rely on both, host families’ and students’ common sense to cohabit in Covid19 times by applying all necessary hygiene mesures to protect each other.

Life in Nice

Life in Nice is coming back to normal.

Restaurants, bars, museums, parc and beaches are newly open.

Public transportation (tramway, bus, train) are back to normal.

At this very moment, people have to wear a face mask in public transport, administrations, at the doctor’s, in shops and in the street.

Are you interested in joining us? Please book your spot (no cancellation fees, no payment in advance for new booking) by clicking here.

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