Discover Monaco and learn French

Discover Monaco and learn French

Don’t miss to visit Monaco during your stay to study French in France.

Monaco, officially called the Principality of Monaco (in French they say: Principauté de Monaco), is a sovereign city-state.

This micro-state is located on the French Riviera and with alpha.b it’s the perfect occasion to discover Monaco and learn French at the same time !

How to get in? Monaco is not a member of the European Union and not a member of the European Economic Area. Borders are however open and Monaco has a customs union with France. So during you French study in Nice you can easily go to Monaco by public bus or train.

How to get around? The best way to get around in Monaco is by walking. Otherwise Monaco has an urban bus service which is operated by the Compagnie des Autobus Monaco . Another idea is to rent a motor scooter in Nice.

From Nice you can take a short trip by longing the sea and coming into Monaco from the east side. Ask your French language school for help if needed. It is also possible to go around by bike and hire a bicycle directly in Monaco.

What to visit in Monaco? There are a lot of things to do in Monaco and Monte Carlo. You can visit the Casino of Monte Carlo. You can also visit the Prince’s Palace (Palais Princier) in Monaco old town, the Cathedral, the Oceanographic Museum, the City Hall, and the Saint Martin Gardens. If you want to visit the Exotic Gardens (Jardin Exotique) you have to take bus number 2.

Talk French to people during all your visits, it will help you to improve your French and make your French language course even more successful. Nationals of 125 different countries reside in Monaco, but the sole official language is French.

By practicing your French language skills you will even more enjoy your visit to the principality of Monaco. Monaco is nearly completely urban and the small city-state located on the Mediterranean See is the smallest independent state in the world and will be one of your highlights during your French course at the French Riviera.

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