If you are considering taking a French course at alpha.b language school, one of the main attractions might well be its sought-after location, as Nice is extremely picturesque and, in fact, the largest city on the French Riviera. But what is life really like in this vibrant city with a population of around 350,000 people?

Morning Run

It goes without saying that one true benefit of living in Nice is its climate. During the summer time, sunny weather is virtually guaranteed and even winter temperatures are fairly mild.

Sign on Promenade

So, why not make the most of your morning before the heat really sets in and kick-start your day by joining the numerous cyclists, runners and pedestrians who take on the famous ‘Promenade des Anglais’ everyday? (For the social media conscious – don’t miss out on the chance to snap the perfect picture of the #ILOVENICE sign, with its more than aesthetically pleasing ocean-blue backdrop!)

What a wonderful way to begin your day, combining the stunning views of the Mediterranean Ocean with the added bonus of the morning endorphins. Or, you could even head in the opposite direction towards the spectacular mountains, as Nice is fortunately set just in-between the two.

Lunch Table

Afterwards, pick up some breakfast from any of the area’s numerous cafés and boulangeries. A morning croissant or pain au chocolat is not only a tasty but also an effortless way to feel typically French. Come and discover your favourite spot for yourself, you could even grab a freshly baked baguette ready for lunch while you’re at it…

After lessons you can benefit from the fact that the beach is only a stone’s throw away. As the beach is, actually, rather stony, you can also avoid the sometimes-irritating ability of sand to find its way into every single item of clothing that you own.

View of the Port

View from the Château

If a golden tan is not your number one priority, or if you are just unable to sit still, you are more than able to enjoy the outdoors as Nice has many parks, both inside and outside of the city centre. (To name a few: ‘Jardin Albert 1er’, ‘Parc de La Colline du Château’, ‘Promenade du Paillon’, ‘Parc Phoneix’.)

Place Massena

If it is retail therapy that you are after, then look no further as there are plenty of shops in which you can self-indulge. Head straight to ‘Avenue Jean-Médecin’ packed with high-street and independent shops alike, it is also home to the large ‘Nice Etoile’ shopping centre. Although if you’re looking to make a slightly bigger dent in your purse/wallet you could always visit the upscale department store ‘Galleries Lafayette’ or the designer shops that are dotted about the town.

An essential must-see whilst visiting Nice is its old town: ‘Vieux Nice’. Stroll through its winding streets where you can admire the charming boutiques and take part in the easy-going café culture that we commonly associate with life on the French Riviera. If you happen to feel a bit peckish, fear not as there is a wide variety of culinary possibilities at your fingertips. There is always time for a crêpe or an ice cream and my personal recommendation would be ‘Fenocchio’ in ‘Place Rosetti’ which is said to have over 100 flavours, some of the more bizarre created with regional influences in mind. Or, push yourself out of your comfort zone and get to know the local Niçoise cuisine whether it be socca, salade niçoise, pan bagnat or pissaladière.


Ice Cream - Chocolat Blanc

As for evening meals, ‘Cours Saleya’ is the perfect hot-spot for those wanting to dine out. During the morning it is home to the local markets, but you can also find many restaurants and bars in this area that is on the edge of the old town towards the sea. If you want to extend your night, treat yourself to a glass of rosé, a fundamental aspect of life in Nice (however, a refreshing orangina will also suffice).

Cours Saleya

If the number of activities on offer in Nice have you slightly concerned about the stamina of your feet, do not worry! Whilst most places are easy to reach on foot (or even bike), it is also very easy to get around here as the public transport network is made up of both trams and buses, both with affordable fares.

Palais de Justice

A brilliant aspect of choosing to stay in Nice is its proximity to other Mediterranean towns which are all accessible thanks to the well-connected train station.  Nice can act as the perfect base, allowing you to visit the nearby glitz and glamour of Cannes and Monaco or even pop over the border into Italy!

Vieux Nice

So, make sure that you are able to experience all that Nice has to offer for yourself by choosing a French language course at alpha.b. What’s not to love about improving your French and being able to explore the wonderful city of Nice simultaneously?! Find out more about life in Nice and our French language school by visiting our website: https://www.alpha-b.fr/en/activites-at-alpha-b/#10raisons

Nizza ist bekannt als Hauptstadt der « French Riviera » , Nizza ist ein beliebtes Ziel für alle die Stadt, Meer, Strand und Kultur zusammen erleben möchten. Aber nicht nur…. Wusstet Ihr, dass Nizza auch bekannt ist für diverse Kulinarische Spezialitäten? Letzte Woche habt Ihr mehr über die Weinsorten unserer Region erfahren, und heute möchten wir Euch etwas über unsere Spezialitäten erzählen.

Sprachreise Frankreich


  • « La pissaladière »: Die pissaladière wird aus einem feinen und knusprigen Pizzateig hergestellt. Als Garnitur werden weich gekochte Zwiebeln mit einer speziellen Fischsauce vermischt. Heutzutage wird die Fischsauce immer mehr durch eingelegte Sardellen ersetzt. Das Ganze wird mit kleinen Oliven,     « les olives niçoises » dekoriert.

  • « La soupe au pistou »: Die soupe au pistou wird mit verschiedenem frischen Sommergemüse und Nudeln hergestellt, vermischt werden das Gemüse und die Nudeln mit Pesto. Pesto kennen viele von Euch bestimmt. Es handelt sich dabei um eine Paste aus Knoblauch, Olivenöl und klein geschnittenem Basilikum. In Nizza findet jedes Frühjahr das « fête du château » statt, ein beliebtes Stadtfest. Der perfekte Anlass um eine leckere soupe au pistou, wie auch andere Spezialitäten Nizzas zu kosten.

french-food learn french

  • « Le pan bagnat »:  Einer unserer Favoriten. Beim pan bagnat handelt es sich um ein Sandwich, gefüllt mit Tomaten, Radieschen, Paprika, Zwiebeln, Basilikum, Eier, Thunfisch und/oder Sardellen. Aber das wichtigste Ingredienz ist Olivenöl. Früher war das pan bagnat das typische Mittagessen der Fischer. Bei alpha.b, bieten wir neben französisch Sprachkursen auch verschiedenen Freizeitaktivitäten an. Dazu gehören auch unsere Ateliers, in denen Spezialitäten aus Nizza und der Region zubereitet werden. Auch das « atelier pan bagnat » steht immer wieder auf dem Program.

  • « La socca »: Die wohl bekannteste Spezialität Nizzas. Bei der Socca handelt es sich um eine Art von Pfannkuchen. Jedoch ist die socca salzig und wird mit Kichererbsen Mehl hergestellt. Die Socca wird heiss, mit einem Hauch Pfeffer verkostet. Die Socca ist ein Muss für alle Besucher der Côte d’Azur.

  • « La tourte de blettes sucrée »: Die tourte de blettes (die blettes ist ein Spinat ähnliches Gemüse), ist ein Nachtisch. Es handelt sich dabei um einen wähenartigen Kuchen. Zu den Hauptingredienzen gehören neben den « blettes » auch Pinienkerne und Rosinen. Verziert wird sie mit Puderzucker.


Und Hunger bekommen :-)? Das war nur ein Einblick in die vielen verschiedenen Spezialitäten die Nizza und die Region zu bieten haben. Falls Ihr mehr erfahren möchtet, freuen wir uns Euch ausserhalb der Französisch Sprachkurse auch kulinarische Aspekte Frankreichs und Nizzas zu näherzubringen.

Why come to Nice to learn French? Firstly, you can take advantage of the calm life of our beautiful region and also, you can benefit from a week of learning French! Here are our 5 reasons which will make you want to come and study the French language on the Côte d’Azur over the next few months.

  1. You are in college : This is the ideal time to revise for your end of year exams ! At Alpha.b we offer many courses specially designed for college students who are preparing for the Bac, A levels, l’Abitur. You will come for a week of complete immersion into the French culture, you will stay with a host family, in the mornings you will have French classes from 9-12.20 with other international students of your level and in the afternoon you will have classes specifically for the Bac in order to prepare you for your exam.

Before your arrival, you will need to send us all the information about your course so that our teacher can then prepare a program adapted to your needs. Are you getting ready for an exam this year? Do not wait any longer and join our A Level Revision Course !

The little + : a stay adapted to your French exams in your country of origin including the opportunity of meeting other young people from Europe.

  1. You are still a student or a young person: If you do not have exams but you would still like to prepare for an exam, you can follow our DELF preparation course for levels A1, A2, B1 or B2. These preparation courses last a minimum of 1 month during which you will follow a group class in the morning with other international students of your level and in the afternoon you will have 6 particular lessons with a teacher who specializes in the DELF exam. At our school, many teachers are authorized members of the DELF Jury and therefore know the exam perfectly. They will help you to successfully pass this exam.

The little + : We have had a success rate of 98% for the DELF exam in our school in the last two years.

  1. You are more than 30 years old : Our special 30+ course was created last year in response to a growing demand from active young people who wish to learn French on the Côte d’Azur.

The 30+ Course is aimed at adult students who are looking for an intensive program with other people of the same age and of the same interests as them.

It is a very comprehensive program similar to the Intensive French Course with a practical approach to the language.

The idea is to guarantee that those who wish it will not be placed in a class with school students or academics during the spring or summer period.

The little +: the number of students in the 30+ class is on average 6 students (with a maximum of 8), as opposed to 10 in the other classes.

  1. You are over 50 years of ages : Discover our Club 50 course without delay! It is aimed at enthusiasts of the French language but also of the culture.

We offer this course 3 times a year and the first is May 8th. The program lasts 2 weeks.

The courses are based on the cultural themes and there are leisure activities proposed in the afternoon. They are developed through « playful » activities, debates, role plays, news documents … according to different media, press, video etc …

The emphasis is on the practice of language, communication and understanding. The main aim is to enable each person to gain maximum autonomy in the expression and understanding of the French language.


  1. You are between 16 and 106: There is no age limit for learning French! Nor to enjoy French Life on the Riviera.

À bientôt !

This year we are offering a new activity for alpha.b students: a crepe workshop!

A cooking class perfect for all foodies who would love to learn how to make the infamous French, specifically Breton, recipe! After all, we must give credit where credit is due to the Bretons!


The crepe, or pancake, arrived in Brittany around the 13th century following the cultivation of buckwheat, a grain that originates from Asia. These traditional buckwheat crepes still exist today, but are most commonly served as a savory dish, along with eggs, ham, cheese, St Jacques or very simply a knob of butter.

Then, in the early twentieth century the crepe was transformed due to the emergence of white wheat flour. Since then, crepes are now frequently eaten laden with sugar, chocolate or even as a magnificent flambéed crepes suzette!

Although a straightforward recipe, crepes are a very important, not to mention delicious, aspect of our culture. We eat them at Candlemas, an annual Christian holiday that is celebrated on February 2nd. Tradition states that the cook has to flip the crepes in the air with the right hand while holding a gold coin in the left hand to have prosperity throughout the year. Well, we tried it… and unfortunately it seems to just remain a legend: ‘(

Here are some pictures of our boys-against-girls Candlemas feast at the school! Who made the best pancakes? We won’t tell 😉



More photos taken at our most recent tasting last week :

13239279_1043631542389606_7643794184928756917_n 13241406_1043631395722954_150130719294600357_n 13245414_1043631592389601_6622582351959517854_n 13263741_1043631545722939_6003002878233846206_n

And even a short video demonstrating how to evenly spread crepe batter over the surface of a pan.

Finally, the moment you have been waiting for… we’ll reveal our unmissable recipe!

Here it is!

* 300 g flour

* 50g butter

* 3 eggs

* 70cl milk

* 2 tablespoons sugar

* 2 tablespoons olive oil

* 1 pinch of salt


Are you more of a sweet or savoury crepe person?


Are you holidaying on the French Riviera, whether to study French or just to enjoy the sun, and are looking for a unique weekend excursion?

Why not visit the Lérins Islands? Just 15-30 minutes by boat from Cannes, the islands are a haven of tranquillity and a wonderful change of scenery.


Which island to choose?

Out of all the activities we offer our foreign language students, the Lérins islands trip is enduringly popular. The islands are peaceful and extraordinary, with a sea colour incomparable to the rest of the Riviera. Especially in summertime, the ocean can be green or turquoise.




On this island, we love to…

• Walk the many trails
• Kayak or paddleboard around the island
• Visit the Fort Royal and the former prison of the « Iron Mask », as well as the Sea Museum
• Bird watch in the bird sanctuary
• Enjoy the peace and quiet while having a picnic on the almost deserted beaches

How to get to the island?

By boat from Cannes
Price: 13 € Return Trip
Check http://www.horizon-lerins.com/


On this island, we love to…
· Explore the island via the coastal path
· Walk in the vineyards
· Visit the Abbey where monks still live
· Climb to the top of the fortified monastery and experience breath-taking views of Cannes and the Southern Alps
· Wine taste with monks
· Taste local products: honey, jam and Lérin liquor
· Enjoy a glass of wine or a coffee at La Tonnelle
· Swim in the crystal clear blue water
· Take an oenological cruise along the Corniche d’Or

How to get to the island?

By boat from Cannes
Price: € 15.50 round trip
Cruises from 28 €
+33 4 92 98 71 38


Are you holidaying on the French Riviera, whether to study French or just to enjoy the sun, and would like to visit a lovely nearby village?

Why not discover Villefranche-sur-mer?


Out of all the activities and excursions we offer our foreign language students, Villefranche is recurrently popular. Only 5 minutes by train from Nice, it is a charming seventeenth century fishing village. You will be enamoured with Villefranche’s vibrant colours, vaulted medieval passageways, citadel, and St. Peter’s chapel decorated by Jean Cocteau – all sloping down to the authentic and unforgettable harbor of Villefranche.

Here are some of our Villefranche favourites…


• Stroll through Villefranche’s old town and fall in love with the colourful, ancient houses

• Enter the « Rue Obscure », the village’s old rampart which is now covered with houses

• Visit the baroque St Michel church

• Visit the St. Peter’s Chapel, entirely renovated by the artist Jean Cocteau

• Explore the Citadel and its museums: Volti, Goetz-Boumeester and Roux

• Swim or snorkel in Villefranche bay.


• Watch the fishermen return from fishing and eat freshly caught fish in one of the harbour’s restaurants

• Take a boat and go dolphin and whale watching.

So don’t hold back, go and visit this stunning village!

Are you holidaying on the French Riviera, whether to study French or just to enjoy the sun, and would like to visit a lovely nearby town?

Why not explore Entrevaux ?


Discover Entrevaux with alpha.b guide or by yourself

In Entrevaux we like to…

• Get to the village going over the draw bridge and through the medieval gate

• Stroll through the narrow streets

• Go up 800m of steps to get to the medieval citadel


• Discover the cathedral dating back to the 17th century and its organ

• Visit the communal ovens and the flour and oil mills

• Go for a hike in the Mercantour National Park and the gorges at Dalius, Cians and Moyen Verdon

• Take the Train de Pignes or the steam train (on Sundays)


Entrevaux citadel open 7 days a week – Visit duration: 1h30 Price: 3€

Getting there: By the Train des Pignes – Leaving from Nice

For more information go to: http://www.trainprovence.com/

We all know that the first day of any new school or job can be daunting, however, shortly after arriving at alpha.b the few apprehensive feelings that I did have quickly vanished.

 first day of school   

Situated on a quaint street not far from the main shopping promenade (Jean Médecin), alpha.b is easy to find and if the welcome boards in the courtyard are not instantly clear, the very friendly staff are accommodating and more than happy to assist you.

In order to tailor the best experience for you, on your first day you will have to complete a placement test deciding which class you will be in during your time at alpha.b. Made up of a 3 parts – oral, writing and grammar, it’s a quick and effective way of finding the right class for you.

After the test, in the afternoon, we were rewarded with a visit of beautiful Nice!

Pacôme showed us some of the city’s highlights which confirmed that I had made the right decision when choosing alpha.b: improving my French in the setting of such a vibrant city, what more could you want?!

first day of school

Some of my personal favourites were the “Place Massena”, the “Palais de Justice” and “Cours Saleya” a dynamic area with markets during the day and lots of restaurants and bars by night.

But being English, I was particularly excited by the “Promenade des Anglais” an avenue that stretches 7km along the coast and was named after the 19th century English aristocrats who came to Nice during the winter months in search of better weather and fresh sea air.

first day of school

first day of school

However in order to get the ultimate panoramic view of Nice, don’t miss the “Colline du Château”. Although originally built to protect the residents against barbaric invasions after the fall of the Roman Empire, it is now the perfect vantage point to appreciate the coastline and port while wandering through the picturesque hill-top gardens.

first day of school

My day finished with the weekly ‘Welcome Party’ at a bar in the centre of Vieux Nice, the perfect opportunity to see just how vibrant Nice is at night and where I met some of my future classmates, instantly putting me at ease.

If you also want to book a course at alpha.b you can find all the information here !

Sie suchen last minute noch einen Französich Kurs für diesen Sommer in Frankreich? Wir zeigen Ihnen, warum alpha.b und die Stadt Nizza eine Reise wert sind.

Wenn Ihr noch nicht wisst, wie Ihr diesen August sinnvoll gestalten sollt, dann bucht doch einfach kurzfristig einen Sprachaufenthalt mit uns bei alpha.b Französisch Sprachschule in Nizza.

Raus aus der Hitze und rein ins Vergnügen

view of nice

Die Hitzewelle, die schon länger in Europa herrscht, hat auch vor Nizza nicht ganz Halt gemacht.

Aber wir profitieren in der Hauptstadt der Côte d‘Azur von einem einzigartigen Mikroklima, und mit der leichten Meerbrise sowie den vielen Wassersport-Möglichkeiten lassen sich sommerliche Temperaturen besser ertragen. So hat Nizza heute 31° im Vergleich zu Montpellier mit 36°, Aix en Provence mit 38° und Lyon mit 35°…

Unsere Französisch Sprachschule ist klimatisiert, damit Ihr beim Französisch Lernen an der Côte d’Azur einen kühlen Kopf bewahrt.

Nachtleben in Nizza und Umgebung

Der Charme der Sommernächte ist in Nizza ganz deutlich zu spüren. Gerne sitzt man noch lange in einem der vielen Straßencafés bei einem Glas Rosé mit einigen Eiswürfeln, oder tingelt noch am Strand oder auf der Promenade des Anglais.

Dieses quirlige Nachtleben ist natürlich der ideale Anlass für Veranstaltungen und Musikkonzerte.

Konzerte und Musikfestivals in Nizza und Umgebung

So findet zum Beispiel vom 23. bis 26. August das „Crossover Festival“ statt. Dieses Open air Festival feiert seinen 10. Geburtstag im Théatre De Verdure, 1 Promenade des Anglais in Nizza.

Für Fans der Elektro Musik hält Cannes eine Überraschung bereit. „Les Plages Electroniques“ zählt seit 2006 zu den größten Beach Partys in Europa. Das Festival findet am Wochenende vom 11. bis 12. August statt. Nach Cannes kommt Ihr ganz einfach und schnell mit dem Zug.

Les Plages Electroniques, 1 Boulevard de la Croisette (Plage du Palais des Festivals), 06400 Cannes.

Eine Liste und Info aller Festivals und Konzerte an der Côte d’Azur findet Ihr unter www.festivalsrock.com/festivals/region/provence-alpes-cote-d-azur.

Sommernacht Feuerwerk an der Côte d’Azur

Cannes hat auch jeden Sommer noch ein weiteres Highlight. Bis einschließlich 24. August könnt Ihr dort noch in den Zauber des „Festival d’Art Pyrotechnique“ eintauchen. Internationale Pyrotec Künstler stellen dort ihre Feuerwerk Kreationen vor. Ein magisches Schauspiel, jeweils ab 22H in der Bucht von Cannes (Baie de Cannes).

Aber auch die Stadt Antibes bietet ein tolles Spektakel. Am 9., 16. und 24. August geht es in den Endspurt des „Festival Pyromélodique“. Ein Zusammenspiel von Lichteffekten und Sound in der schönen Bucht von Juan-les-Pins. Jeweils ab 22 Uhr. Und auch nach Antibes könnt Ihr einfach und bequem mit dem Zug ab Nizza fahren.

Sommer Freizeitaktivitäten Eurer alpha.b Sprachschule in Nizza

Auch in unserer Französisch Sprachschule passt sich das Freizeitprogramm den sommerlichen Temperaturen in Nizza an. Es stehen folgende Aktivitäten auf dem Programm:

Apéro & Pétanque – Mit dem Boules-Spiel und dem Aperitif geht es hoch zum Schlosshügel, um dort zur Aperitif-Zeit an einem schattigen Platz in geselliger Runde den Lieblingsbeschäftigungen der Franzosen nachzugehen J

Wassersport – Kayak, Stand up Paddling, Fun Fahrten mit Banane und Reifen, Parasailing, Tauchen, Schnorcheln… es ist für jeden Geschmack und jedes Budget etwas dabei.

Stadtbesuche – berühmte Städte an Côte d’Azur, wie Cannes, Antibes und Monaco besuchen wir am Abend. Tingeln durch die kleinen Gassen der Altstadt, das Casino in Monaco, der Hafen von Antibes (der berühmte „quai des milliardaires“, der als größte Marina in Europa gilt),“ La Croisette“ und die Stufen des „Palais du Festival“ in Cannes… an einem lauen Sommerabend hat die Côte d’Azur noch mal ihren ganz besonderen Charme.

Und? Habt Ihr Lust bekommen auf einen Französisch Sprachkurs in Nizza? Neugierig auf hochwertigen Französisch Unterricht und Sommervergnügen an der Côte d’Azur?

Dann meldet Euch doch gleich an www.alpha-b.fr/de/einschreibung-fur-den-franzosischkurs

A très bientôt à alpha.b






Everyone knows and loves Nice for its beaches, the sea, its amazing old town,  « la promenade des Anglais »  but also for its culture. But do you know that Nice offers also a large selection of culinary specialities? In our post from last week we spoke about the different sorts of wine we have in Nice and our region, today we would like to present you some of the « must tastes » while you are in Nice.

Sprachreise Frankreich

  • « La pissaladière »: The pissaladière is Nice famous onion cake. It’s made of a thin and crispy pizza dough. Toped by soft-boiled onions and a special fish sauce. These days the fish sauce is most of the time replaced by anchovies. The top of the tart is garnished with our special olives « les olives niçoises »
  • « La soupe au pistou »: The soup au pistou is a composition of different summer vegetables, noodles and pesto. For those who don’t know what pesto is: it’s a paste made of garlic, olive oil and fine minced basil. In Nice, once every year, the castle party « fête du château » takes place. A famous city festival. It’s the ideal occasion to savor a tasty soupe au pistou, or an other culinary speciality.
  • « Le pan bagnat »: One of our favorites. The pan bagnat is a sandwiches stuffed with tomatoes, radish, paprika, onions, basil, eggs, tuna and anchovies. Previously the pan bagnat was the typical lunch of the local fishermen. At alpha.b you can not only learn french, but also participate to one of our food tastings or food ateliers. Beside other ateliers where you can discover different specialities of Nice and the region, alpha.b offers an atelier pan bagnat, where you learn, prepare and eat :-).
  • « La socca »: The most famous speciality of Nice. Socca is a kind of pancake, but it’s made of chickpeas and it’s salty. It’s to taste as long as it’s hot, just with a little pepper. It’s a must for all visitors of the French Rivera.
  • « La tourte de blettes sucrée » : The tourte de blette is a tarte. A desert speciality of the region. The « blette » is a vegetable similar to spinach but prepared in to a sweet tart. The other two main ingredients are pine nuts and raisins. Toped of a frosting.

french-food learn french


Are you hungry now :-)? This was just short overview of the specialities that Nice and the region offers. If you want to learn more about the French culinary specialities, don’t hesitate to participate to one of alpha.b’s tastings or ateliers. Learn more about the french culture beside of your french language course.