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Alpha.b is the only french language school in Nice approved by three of the most important national and international organizations for quality french language courses: Label qualité FLE, IALC and Eaquals. All services alpha.b offers are inspected regulary : our french language courses and french language teachers, support of our students, hosting and permises. Label qualité FLE, IALC and Eaquals ensure high quality french language courses in a serious and well organised structure.

Label qualité FLE

Alpha.b is approved qualité FLE, the french as a foreign language quality label. The label qualité FLE is the result of a quality-assurance approach lead trough the ministry for higher education and research, the ministry of Culture and Communication, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The label qualité FLE recognize french language schools offering high quality french language courses and services. Alpha.b and all recognized french language schools are inspected every four years.The inspection is based on five criteria : french teachers, teaching and training courses, hosting and support, permises/safety/ equipment and management.

Find more information : www.qualitefle.fr


Eaquals, founded in 1991, is the leading professional association for language education around the world. To become an accredited member, language schools have to pass a strict inspection. In Nice, only two french language schools fullifiled the criteria and are accredited members of Eaquals. Alpha.b passed its last inspection in June 2016, with excellent results.

Find more information: www.eaquals.org


IALC is an international association founded in 1983. It’s a global network of accredited language schools offering language programs of high quality. Only individual and independent language schools can be a member of IALC. IALC garanties for a high level of professionality and services. In France, only 13 French language schools have reached the high standards of IALC to be a member. Alpha.b is very proud to be a part of them. During the regular inspections, alpha.b is audited on all aspects of our services: french language courses, teaching, administration, permises, housing and activities.

Find more information : www.ialc.org

Campus France

Alpha.b French language school is an official member of Campus France. 
Campus France has validated membership of alpha.b in 2016 .

To become a member alpha.b had to fulfill the following criteria :
1. Etablissment having the status of public or private higher education or national institute of research and / or training.
2. Etablissment with state recognition.
3. Etablissment with conventions, international partnerships and agreements with higher education institutions (French and foreign universities).
Campus France is in charge of the promotion abroad of the higher education system and professional training in France. Including French language schools in France.
Campus France also inform, orient, meet and receive international students through multiple missions.

Find more information: www.campusfrance.org


Our french language courses are recognized by the governement of several states in Germany (Hamburg, Rheinland-Pfalz, Schleswig-Holstein et Niedersachsen).

Contact us for further information : office@alpha-b.fr


The french language courses offered by alpha.b are recognized by the swedish government. Swedish students who need to improve their french can follow continuous french language courses (CSN) in our french language school in Nice.

Contact us for further information : office@alpha-b.fr